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agosto 31, 2010


Resurrectionist -st-  3€

Slam Wedgehouse “Superslam”  3€

Best Friends “in dude bro”  3€

VVAA “title it yourself”  3€ (with ghost mice, empire!empire!, joie de vivre ecc.)

Best Friends / Kick Rocks “the squid servant”  3€ (split tape)


A Testa Bassa “st” 5€

A Traitor Like Judas “the black chronicles”  6€

Any Good Reason “st”  4€

Argument 5.45 “thousands of birds”  5€

Belli Cosi “torino rock n roll starz”  5€

Best Friends “promo Euro tour 2010”  3€

Burial Year “st”  5€

Case Upon The Capitol “st(2)” 4€

Case Upon The Capitol/Silbato “split 3” cd”  4€

Caso “demo” 5€

Caso “dieci tracce” 5€

Ceke “redrum”  4€

Cibo “ignorante”  5€

Corea “quien encuentra la madre conoce los hijos”  5€

Countdown To Putsch “intervention in hegemony”  2 cd  10€

Crevecoeur “II”  7€

Deprogrammazione “non esiste”  5€

Dipleg “the sympathy withuot love”

Downright “la battaglia del silenzio”  5€

End Of A Season “many man have tried”  4€

Eric Ayotte “wavering”  7€

Evolution So Far “Dylar”  4€

Gerda “cosa dico quando non parlo”  5€

Go Down Moses “welcome idiots”  5€

Goodbye Diana “odds & ends”  5€

Gouge Means Nothing “cd-ep”  3 €

Hiro/Brume Retina “split cd ” 5€

Iscariote “necropole trauma”  4€

Isobel “fioca”  5€

Kevorkian “relief through scream” 6€

Kandinsky “tRASKOMY eLCAAST”  3€

L’ Abile “st”  5€

Marionette I.D “emptiness will change your mind”  7€

Paganus “st” 4€

Parts Of Speech “living fast, cooking slow” 3€

Pianoearthquake “cd-ep” 3€

Planet Of Zeus “eleven the hard way”  4€

Poostew / Japa Kampfhorspielenese “heirat aus ass/scheidung aus pass split” 3€

Scatter The Ashes “st”  4€

Scholars/Elopram  “split cd” 5€

Slight/Peralta “different landscapes for a common view -split-”  5€

Solaris “portraits noires”  3 €

Stalker “st”  5€

Stuntman “among the ruins” 4€

Sugartown Cabaret “the first time I lost the road map”  7€

Suinage “shaking hands” 5€

Sumo “surrogati”  5€

Tesa “st” 5€

The Coma Lilies “memento mori”  6€

The Dreams Of Marie Curie “st” 4 €

The Orange Man Theory “riding a cannibal horse from here to…”  5€

The Hirudo Effect “saziando l’uomo” 5€

Time In Malta “alone with the alone” 6€

Tom Moto “junk”  4€

Transistor Transistor/Wolves “split cd”  6€

Violent Breakfast “nient’ altro che tempo” 5€

Volition “st”  4€

Vuur “vuurviolence”  4€

X-Mary “a tavola con il principe”  4€

X-Mary “al circo”  4€



Arse Moreira/Kidcrash “split”  4€


Adorno/Eric Ayotte “split record”  3€

Adorno “said and unsaid”  3€

Affluente/Contrasto “insurrezione”  2€

Ceremonial Execution/Borigor “split”  3€

Cloak/Dagger “don’t need a” 3€

Cibo “airlines of terror”  3€

Cotidie Mori  “st”  3€

Catalyst/Brainworms “split” 4€

Empire! Empire! (i was a lonely estate)/Football etc. “split”  7€

End Of A Year “we understand europeans are sexual people” 4€

Karg “st”  4€

Le Tormenta “resést”  3€

Pizza “st”  3€

Save you “st” 3€

The Van Pelt “st”  3€

Un Quarto Morto “annusarsi, sciegliersi, lamentarsi”  3€

Un Quarto Morto “la semina e il raccolto” 3€


Aortaorta “movement is all” 6€

Fire Team Charlie “st” 7€

Khere “same” 6€

Pyramids/Violent Breakfast “split” 6€

To The Ansaphone “st”  6€


A Flower Collapse “orsago”  8€

Adorno/Sugartown Cabaret “split”  10€

Afraid! “megaloklift”  10€

Best Friends “st” 9€

Caso “10 tracce”  10 €  (lp + dvd)

Chambers “st” 9€

Connections pt.2 “a sixways split records”  10€  (suis la lune, ïsaïah, adorno, captain, your ship is sinking, kias fansuri, the saddest landscape)

Esacapado “initiale” 8€

Forstella Ford “st”  8€

Hanna Hirisch “tala svart” 8€

Keitzer “as the world burns” 10€

Lady Tornado “da qualche parte tra la vita e la morte” 8€

Loma Prieta “life/less”  10€

Lucertulas “the brawl” 10€

Meet Me In St Louis “varietions on swings” 10€

Narcosis “romance” 8€

Officer Jones And His Patrol “car problems”  10€

Ovo “croce via” 10€

Pianoearthquake “st” 8€  (lp + cd)

September Malevolence “after this darkness, there’s a next”  8€

Si Non Sedes Is/Marnero “split” 10€

The Catalyst/Mass Movement Of The Moth “two thousand and 666”  10€

The Catalyst “marianas trench”   10€

The Jam Session “att skingra det morker, som betacker landet” 9€

The Rituals “celebrate life”  12€  (2 lp)

Trainwreck/Zann/Ghostlimb/Perth Express “4 way split” 10€

Trainwreck “of concrete canyons and inner wastelands” 10€

Trusty “the fourth wise man”  10€

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